Company Retirement Plans

You can attract, retain and motivate talent with a company retirement plan, plus provide for your employees, grow your personal wealth, and reduce your tax liability.


Looking to offer employees a well-known plan type with the ability to save pre-tax from their own paychecks?

A 401(k) allows high levels of employee salary deferral with the option for employers to make contributions, all professionally managed and administered.

Looking to provide for your employees while maximizing savings among owners and highly compensated employees?

A Safe-Harbor 401(k) plan is designed to provide a minimum level of contributions for employees, allowing owners and highly compensated employees to make larger contributions.

Looking to accelerate retirement savings and maximize tax deductions, using consistent cash flow available to make regular, large contributions?

A Defined Benefit Plan can help older owners of highly profitable businesses squeeze twenty years of savings into ten years.

Are you a sole-proprietor or small company seeking a retirement plan that is flexible and easy to administer?

A SEP IRA is funded by the employer at levels than can vary from 0% to 25% of compensation each year

Looking for a low-cost alternative to a 401(k) with lower contribution limits but easier to maintain?

A Simple IRA allows employees to save pre-tax and companies to make smaller contributions without the administrative requirements of a 401(k).

Are you a sole proprietor wanting to contribute up to 55,000 pre-tax savings?

A Solo 401(k) allows a sole business owner to pay yourself as both an employee and an employer.

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