Fi-Care Financial Wellness Benefits

Build A Culture Of Financial Confidence

For founders who believe in supporting the financial well-being of their employees, the Windgate Fi-Care Financial Wellness Benefits program gives your team the skills to manage their personal finances.

Aedificō (ae̯ˈ – Latin) – To Build, Establish, Create

Ficar (fi.ˈkaɾ – Spanish) – To Stay.

Windgate Fi-Care Financial Wellness Benefits – To support the financial well-being of your team by offering tools to achieve their future prosperity.

The Fi-Care Financial Wellness Benefits program provides your team members with a Certified Financial Planner® to help them set their personal goals and maximize time and focus. The goal is to benefit your employees with the ability to make smart financial choices and ultimately be more productive at work.

How the Windgate Fi-Care Financial Wellness Benefits Program Works For Your Team

Your employees receive the benefit of a Certified Financial Planner® who is committed to understanding their goals and uncovering any financial blind spots. We develop a goal-based plan to solve budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and many other needs, then communicate regularly to ensure progress.

Goal based financial planning allows us to succeed together by setting short term goals and reviewing progress at regular intervals. The process works by achieving incremental steps toward a long term goal, while making course corrections when circumstances inevitably change.

We can accomplish this with:

  • Introductory and year-end in person/video conference meetings
  • Service calendar check-in agenda
  • Unlimited access by email
  • Access to personal financial website and planning technology

Fi-Care Financial Wellness Benefits in Tandem with Retirement Plan Options

Fi-Care Financial Wellness Benefits can serve as a supplement or alternative to traditional retirement plan options, such as our professionally managed 401(k)’s or profit sharing plans.

Below is a perspective on potential costs for supplemental or alternative retirement benefit plans you might implement as the business grows.

Plan Independently managed by employees – No administrative costs.

Contribution requirements:

  • SEP IRA – 0% to 25% of payroll, amount flexible every year.
  • Simple IRA – Required 2% of all payroll or 3% match of employee contributions. All years.

Plan Professionally managed and administered – Administrative costs required, based on plan design.

Contribution Requirements:

  • Profit Sharing – Flexible and high ceiling, can vary per employee
  • Safe Harbor 401(k) – Required 3% of all payroll or 4% match of employee contributions.

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